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A Thorough Purge

A week ago, my sister re-posted an item on her Facebook feed that basically said, “Watch the politics. I want to be your friend after the election.” I couldn’t agree more. I use Facebook to keep up with family and … Continue reading

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Barbarians Live

Taking non-Sunni women as sex slaves, murdering POWs, beheading hostages. What’s a few books to these savages? Libraries in #Iraq's militants-held Mosul are the new target for #IS. Here's @AP's piece I co-wrote with a colleague. — Sinan Salaheddin … Continue reading

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Tom Holland, Charlie Hebdo, and the history of Islam

On the way back from a conference in Glasgow, I picked up a copy of The New Statesman to read on the plane. The cover story concerned Tom Holland’s “In the Shadow of the Sword: The Birth of Islam and the Rise of … Continue reading

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Timothy Garton Ash on the Crisis in Ukraine

Garton Ash and Snyder have now both written incisive pieces on the Crisis in the Ukraine that I have linked on this blog. I write today about the next step: the struggle for eastern Ukraine – — Timothy … Continue reading

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Fun times on the Black Sea

This from USA Today: Clock Ticking on War in Ukraine. Jolly, Jolly. James Robbins sees things shaping up for the sort of quick, short war the Kremlin conducted against Georgia in 2008. Military observers at the time opined that the … Continue reading

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